The Church of the Transfiguration

​Braddock Heights, MD

Rooted in Christ

   Bound in Love

      Called to Ministry





"All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee." 

We recognize that all we have in the way of materials, goods and talents are gifts from God.  Our Personal Stewardship is the reflection of our acknowledgement of God's role in our lives.   Gladly, graciously and joyfully we orient our lives toward God by joining in performing God's work in and through COTT, not only with our time, varied abilities and talents, but also prayerfully making a commitment of our financial support.

Being a good steward means using our resources faithfully.  Thinking of giving to the church as a spiritual discipline helps us express our thanks for the many blessings God has given to us and deepens our relationship with God.  When we give sacrificially, we are giving back to God what is already God's.

Stewardship Message, October, 2016
Dear Church of the Transfiguration family,

Why do we support the Church of the Transfiguration?  Why do we pledge a portion of our time, talent and treasure to the church?  We will each answer these questions differently, but without our support and our gifts, the Church would not exist.                     

Last October, the response to our stewardship message was a prompt and resounding pledge of support, and the proposed budget was substantially increased.  Our pledges, together with the yearly distribution from the generous endowment from Marybelle Everhart, have allowed the Church of the Transfiguration to continue as a place of worship, to have a full time priest, to have a funded budget, and to be a source of our expanding outreach.

We recognize that the endowment has indeed been a blessing, and it is our responsibility to yearly  build upon this gift through our individual and collective stewardship efforts.

In the coming year, we have the exciting opportunity to improve and reconfigure the use of Memorial Hall.  It will take commitment to see this project to completion, and to also continue to pay our bills and fund our important outreach program.

During this year’s stewardship season, all of us are asked to prayerfully consider our support for our parish by pledging our time, talent and treasure.  We have much to look forward to, and by  responsible giving and planning, careful management of the Everhart bequest, and by encouraging one another, we can continue to support our church and our wider community. 

A separate pledge sheet is included in this mailing.  Please return your pledge during the month of October by mailing it using the enclosed envelope, dropping it off at the church office, or by placing it in the offering plate on Sunday. 

Our pledges for 2017 will be presented and blessed at the service for All Saints' Day on November 6th.  Please plan to attend a Church Family Luncheon Celebration following the 10:15 service.