The Church of the Transfiguration

​Braddock Heights, MD

Rooted in Christ

   Bound in Love

      Called to Ministry

At our Pastoral Care meeting, we agreed that "keeping track" of our membership is of prime importance.  By way of cards, calls, emails, and personal visits, we need to remind our brothers and sisters that they are thought about and cared for, especially when they're ill or inhibited from attending church.  We also agreed that life transitions and celebrations should be remembered, with cards and calls on special days.  At the same time, we felt that a regular editing of the weekly Prayer List will give the congregation a more current, updated picture of members' needs and circumstances.
Pastoral Care Committee members are:
Judy Hubbard, Luke Krizenesky, Barbara Collins, Chris Burnett,

Hamp Tisdale, Dorothy Beaird, and Toni Beaird-Wilson.

Individual meetings
Visiting the dying/sick/shut-ins
Home communions
Telephone availability

Pastoral Care