The Church of the Transfiguration

​Braddock Heights, MD

Rooted in Christ

   Bound in Love

      Called to Ministry

Betsy                                    Eric                            Hamp

Bookkeeper - Molly Wilson

Office Administrator - Bill Hillringhouse

Tony Traini - Junior Warden

Vestry Officers
Senior Warden - Scott Myers
Junior Warden - Tony Traini
Treasurer - Craig Zearfoss
Registrar - Marsha Burrell

Rev. Ellen Hurwitz, Priest Associate

Harry                                Judy                                  Vince                                

Scott Myers - Senior Warden

Minister of Music & Organist - Santana Bartoldus

Craig Zearfoss - Treasurer

The Reverend Dr. Gordon J. DeLaVars, Rector

Vestry Members
Hamp Tisdale
Betsy Hillringhouse

Harry Greene

Judy Hubbard
Eric Woods

Vince Parmesano

Our Team