The Church of the Transfiguration

​Braddock Heights, MD

Rooted in Christ

   Bound in Love

      Called to Ministry

The Altar Guild works with the Rector to provide the set-up and the removal of items used for all services in the Sanctuary and at other locations as needed, even off campus.  Using their various skills, our Altar Guild members are dedicated to these responsibilities.  They provide scheduling, along with the purchasing of wine, candles, bread and other items as needed for church services.  They also take care of our Altar sewing needs.

We meet several times a year with the Rector for training, instructions, and to integrate with the Flower Guild.  We are always open to include new members and to provide training as needed.  We welcome comments and observations.

This past year we purchased some new items for the Altar, reorganized the Sacristy - making use of new space available - and revised the Altar Guild booklet.  The booklet is used by members of Altar and Flower Guilds to assist in preparing the church for Sunday services and other church services following the Liturgical calendar.

Altar Guild