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​Dear Friends in Christ,
I had the privilege Sunday night to join with others attending the grand opening of a new performance theater in Frederick New Spire Arts (just across from the Weinberg Center on West Patrick Street). A culturally diverse ensemble of actors and dancers black, white, gay, deaf, men and women delivered a compelling sampling of the kinds of stage programs that will be presented there in the coming seasons.
The closing performance was entitled “Stranger in a Strange Land.” Centered around the theme of social alienation, the set depicted a drum-like parade of human movements out of which solitary persons regularly appeared to relate circumstances in which they had felt the stranger displaced, threatened, or excluded in a world to which they themselves belonged. The point was to show how race or gender or sexual orientation each a distinct human gift, each worthy of respect can be used instead to demean and divide.​

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I am so pleased that you are visiting our website -- either as a parishioner seeking information, or for the first time, as someone seeking a spiritual home, looking for a new way to keep your faith young and alive.  I hope you will find what you need, and that what you find will nourish you.  Most of all, I hope that you will discover in The Church of the Transfiguration a people and a spirit that will lead you ever closer to God, by the grace and guidance of our Savior Jesus Christ.  
Sincerely yours,

Father Gordon 

The Church of the Transfiguration

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