The Church of the Transfiguration

​Braddock Heights, MD


6909 Maryland Avenue
Braddock Heights, MD 21714


      I am so pleased that you are visiting our website — either as a parishioner seeking information, or for the first time, as someone seeking a spiritual home, looking for a new way to keep your faith nourished and active.
      In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and health crisis, our church currently is closed at the direction of the Diocese. Our regular worship schedule has been suspended; but please join us, via Zoom, for a virtual Morning Prayer service at 9am each Sunday. Although closed, our office warmly welcomes your phone calls or emails. We will return your calls and inquiries as soon as possible. Our parish family is here to help in any way we can during this difficult time.
      When we can reopen safely, as our Bishop

has suggested, that Sunday will be our Easter!
If you can, please join us for this grateful
celebration. In any event, I hope that you will
discover in The Church of the Transfiguration
a people and a spirit that will lead you ever
closer to God, by the grace and guidance of
Our Savior Jesus Christ.
       Sincerely yours,
      Father Gordon 

Tree Planting and Tree Maintenance Volunteers Needed
In keeping with the Feast of St. Francis, and our call to be good earth stewards, consider being a habitat hero and planting trees with Streamlink Education.  You will see the efficiency and effectiveness of the process of planting a riparian buffer along streams in Thurmont or Frederick your volunteer spirit is needed!  Planting native trees, especially around streams, has many benefits for maintenance of biodiversity, and we are lucky in Frederick County to have many property owners and farmers opening up their land for this work.  Once the trees are planted, volunteers are needed for tree maintenance.  The link here is for signing up for either a one-day volunteer planting experience or to become a regular tree maintenance volunteer. 

Rooted in Christ

   Bound in Love

      Called to Ministry